Gijs van Dam



Mindbus is a web agency founded in 2002. A general web agency throughout its first years, Mindbus pivotted to a specific niche 2014 when it started its e-commerce platform for brick & mortar book stores. Now in 2021 Mindbus almost exclusively serves bookstores in The Netherlands and Flanders. Almost 20% of the Dutch bookstores use the platform, and more than 8% of the Dutch online consumer book market runs over this platform.


Doefiets (Dutch for do cycle) was a community for cyclists founded in 2012. It featured articles on training and training schedules and had specific training schedules geared towards famous European cyclo's like La Marmotte. The website included a webshop that offered cycling gear. The community failed to garner enough traction and was shuttered in 2018 after exploratory talks with the Royal Dutch Cyclist Union (KNWU) about collaborating amounted to nothing tangible.


uWebshop was a spin-off of Mindbus in 2011/2012 and offered a package for the .Net CMS Umbraco. With this package you could easily set up your own webshop within the Umbraco CMS. The company failed to become profitable and was shut down in 2015.