Gijs van Dam



2022van Dam, G. & Kadir, R. A. (2022). Hiding Payments in Lightning Network with Approximate Differentially Private Payment Channels, in Computers & Security, vol. 115, Apr. 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.cose.2022.102623
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2023van Dam (2023). Payment Splitting in Lightning Network as a Mitigation Against Balance Discovery Attacks. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/1360.
2019van Dam, G., Kadir, R. A., Nohuddin, P. N. E., & Zaman, H. B. (2019). Improvements of the Balance Discovery Attack on Lightning Network Payment Channels. Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2019/1385. (peer reviewed version)


2022Understanding Bitcoin Series: Payment Split & Switch plugin demo, Bitcoiner Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
2021Differential private payment channels in Lightning Network, Bitcoin Sydney Socratic Seminar (video)
2021Privacy and Security Risks in the Lightning Network, National University of Singapore
2020Improvements of the Balance Discovery Attack on Lightning Network Payment Channels, IFIP Information Security Conference & Privacy Conference
2018Analyzing Behavioral Heuristics of Pseudo Anonymity, Blockchain Developers Malaysia Meetup


2021Master of Ceremonies at the 1st International Postgraduate Seminar on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IPSIR4.0)
2019Liaison, 6th International Visual Informatics Conference (IVIC'19)
2018Committee Member, 4th Visual Informatics International Seminar (VIIS2018)
2017 - presentBlockchain Developers Malaysia Meetup

White papers

yearwhite paper
2014Beentjes, R., van Dam, G., Vlap, A. van Vlijmen & J., te Wierik, B. Your company future-proof with ecommerce (dutch)


yearwhite paper
2020Beneficiary of student grant for the Financial Cryptography and Data Security International Conference 2020, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia