Gijs van Dam

What am I doing now?

Right now I'm focusing on finishing my PhD. This still requires writing and publishing an article, and distill the last three years of research in a thesis. I hope to submit my thesis in Q1 or Q2 of 2022, and then start planning the move back to Amsterdam. But everything depends on finding nice work for both me and my wife. There is no reason to go back for a shitty job. Life here is way to good for that.

Since the lockdown measures are now slowly being lifted here in the Klang valley, I can finally do some sports again. The swimming pool near our condo just opened up again. They also have a small gym there. I am not much of a gym-person, but I promised myself to check out the equipment.

The one thing that I hope for is that schools open up soon. Out of the past 18 months my kids' school has been closed for 14 to 15 months. And having two young children around isn't conducive for research. And it is definitely not conducive for the social development of my kids. But arguments like that carry no weight at all here in Malaysia.

I would like to learn Rust, and more specifically Sapio, which is a way of creating smart Bitcoin contracts in Rust. Sapio is a "port" and an extension of Peter Wuille's Miniscript built in Rust. But for now this has to go on the back burner, because I need to turn all my attention to finishing my thesis. I need to curb any tendency to procrastinate in the next few months.

Updated: October 2021