Gijs van Dam

What am I doing now?

I am on the home stretch of my PhD now. My last article is in preprint and about to be submitted. I am currently working on my thesis. I have set myself the deadline of October for submitting it.

The Netherlands is really feeling like home again. It has taken the bigger part of 2023 to adjust to it. I didn't see that coming. I thought that the country you'd lived in for pretty much all your life would feel right like home again after a stint of 6 years in another country, but it didn't.

I just did a half marathon. My first! Finished in just over two hours. I should have trained more in preparation. Still I enjoyed it, and I'm continuing the training regime. Next half marathon is already on the calendar in November.

I'm actively looking for a job in the web3/applied cryptography/cryptocurrency scene. I had a short gig at Heliax that ran for three months and it taught me that this is the discipline where I want to spent more time professionally.

Updated: September 2023